Top 5 Reasons why a Sober Dating App is Necessary

1. No need to explain why you’d rather not order drinks

How uncomfortable it is to be on your first date and have to explain to the person why you don’t want to order a drink. All of a sudden you have to dive into your sober story and you wonder whether they are going to judge you.

2. Less time on dates that won’t lead anywhere

Nothing worse than being on several dates with someone before you realize, they are not good for your sobriety. Maybe they were OK with the fact that you are in recovery at first, but later start realizing this is not for them. Time is scarce, it’s best to spend it with those that get you.

3. Your truth and honesty will lead to a deeper connection

There are honesty and truth to sobriety that comes from our journey. Those that share the same journey often find a deeper connection. There is empathy, understanding, and a mutual struggle that helps build a relationship from a strong foundation.

4. You’ll start a relationship on an equal playing field

Finding someone that is on the same sober journey, means an equal playing field. No judgment! They’ve been in the trenches like you and share a passion for living life clean and sober.

5. You can revolve your dates around sober activities

How awesome is it to be able to plan dates that don’t revolve around drinking or drugs? You can stay away from environments that you know are not good for you.