Are you Ready to Start Drug Rehab today and Lead a Happy Life?

You have felt that you want to stop using drugs or alcohol, you have tried to control the problem, but have not been successful, many times only willpower and determination are not enough, you may need Substance Abuse Treatment.

You must understand that the challenge goes beyond stopping consuming and learning to live without consuming every day; That is when recovery begins, and the road to that goal, the goal of achieving a life free of addiction, where you feel empowered, healthy, and ready to improve your quality of life, that you achieve it every day.

For this, you must evaluate all the resources that you will need on this path to recovery and full life, many will accompany you, support you, and provide the tools to achieve it, that support will be essential.

To start on the road to recovery, you must have a strong will and a support network of trained people.

Towards the path of recovery

Once you have started the road to recovery, taking the first step in facing the problem and wanting to change your life, these actions to take will help you consolidate the path:

  • Tell your close circle of friends that you are going to start treatment to stop drugs or alcohol, if they are true friends they will support you, to stay sober. You will probably have to change your circle of friends if they do not fully support you, or they face the problem themselves and are not ready yet, to recover.
  • Go to social activities, where you are not at risk of consuming drugs or alcohol, such as sports activities, art classes, going to the movies, it is best not to attend parties or activities where you could habitually consume drugs or alcohol.
  • Prepare in advance, in case you are faced with a risky situation, establish an emergency plan to get out of that situation, with a call to your parents or a family member.
  • Ask for support from family members, who are willing to help you at any time you need them, a call, a hug, you will need all the emotional support, you should not be alone.
  • If you come to have a relapse, remember that you are not bad or weak, you are only in the problem and disease of addiction, tell your relatives, as soon as possible, do not lose the effort and dedication throughout the treatment, focus on achieving the goal of recovery and overcome all obstacles that may arise, and for nothing give up all effort to be successful in recovery.

If you or someone close to you needs help, these tips can be of great help, so that you make the decision to recover, encourage and support the person, who may be dealing with the problem, has not recognized it, and has not asked for help or does not know yet how to do it.

Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery

Recovery is for life with the aim of improving the addict’s quality of life, treatment begins, assisting the patient on their way to recovery.
Treatment will take place over a period of several sessions, although consultation and therapy may be necessary at some point in the life of the addict.
During treatment, family intervention may be necessary, as part of positive pressure and support for the addict, in the recovery phase
The clinical intervention will be carried out, as the first phase of the treatment, to treat any health problem derived from alcohol or drug abuse, such as gastritis due to alcoholism or some other disease.
The treatment of addictions is done in a comprehensive way, addressing the family, personal, work, and social environment, taking into account all the factors that triggered the addiction and identifying them to attack the root problem,
There are no better treatments than others, but each person has different needs and each treatment modality offers different possibilities. Each individual treatment plan is based on the severity of the addictive process, the individual characteristics of the person, and the psychosocial functioning situation at that time.

Staying Sober

Recovery is a long way, it doesn’t end with the treatment, in weeks or months it lasts forever.
It is important to develop long-term goals. Staying sober is a high priority, to be sure, but developing and pursuing other goals, such as going back to school or changing careers, can help you stay sober.
The secret is to find a healthy balance and have control over everything in your life and all your choices. The key is to learn that you have options and that you can stay in control of your life.
For that reason keeping a support group can help to stay sober. People who had the same experience who can speak about, dealing with the addiction, in a safe environment and support, some people that will help you in case you may have a relapse