As we wave goodbye to 2020 and one of the craziest years ever, let’s make sure we have a plan to start 2021 clean and sober. Here are some tips to help you wake up on New Year’s Day feeling refreshed and conscious.

  • Find a sober location

Avoid spending New Year’s at a place where you know a lot of liquor will be served. Why put yourself in that environment? Now, it’s one thing to go to a friend’s house that has alcohol but in moderation. It’s another to go to a place which you know will be all about drinking.

  • Do not spend New Year’s Eve alone

Isolation is one of the riskiest recovery practices.
Being in a solitary environment when everyone else is celebrating can cause you to be trapped in your own thoughts where you won’t have people around you to help keep you sober.

Find a partner who can come to spend time with you, someone you can talk to and keep you company. You may also keep each other accountable.

  • Host a Sober Party

Don’t wait around to be invited to a sober party. Take the initiative and invite your closest friends to a sober party. Skip the massive crowds and have a little more power over your evening! Load the table with entertaining board games, and prepare a delicious dinner for your guests.

Embrace the New Year with Gratitude!